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  • Honor Means To Show High Regard And Value For Someone Or Something.

  • Honor Visibly Demonstrates God’s Love To God’s People.

  • We Are Called To Honor: God | Parents | Spiritual Authority | Civil Authority | Everyone



  • Humility Suggests That We Never Leave The Posture Of A Student . A Disciple Is A Life Long Learner.

  • Humility Isn’t Ignorance About What You Have And What You Can Do. It’s Remembering Who Is Responsible For It.

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  • Our Commitment To Hospitality Is Birthed Out Of Our Desire To Welcome People Into Our Family The Way God Welcomed Us Into His.

  • Our Hospitality Is Expressed In Our Commitment To Go The Extra Mile For Those We Are Serving.



  • Our Commitment To Honesty Is Based On The Scripture’s Admonition To Speak The Truth In Love.

  • Love Without Truth Is Deception, Truth Without Love Is Cruelty.

  • Where There Is No Truth, There Is No Growth.

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  • Our Culture Of Health Is Based On Our Conviction That It Is Possible To Be ”Right” And Not Be “Whole”.

  • Sickness Is Caught, Health Is Taught.

  • We Believe Health Is Essential In 5 Distinct Areas. Spiritually | Emotionally | Physically | Relationally | Financially

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  • Hope Describes Our Commitment To Untamed Optimism.

  • Hope Doesn’t Deny Reality But It Believes God To Do All Things Well In Spite Of It.

  • A Hope – Filled Life And Culture Rests On The Conviction That You Can’t Have Positive Outcomes With Negative Mindsets.

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  • Hunger Describes Our Desire For An Insatiable Appetite For God’s Presence, God’s Principles, And God’s Plan.

  • Hunger Describes Our “Lion – Like” Commitment To Experience God’s Best.

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